Alyson Connell

1. How long have you been playing pipes and who taught you?
I have been playing pipes since I was 10 years old and I was taught by PM Iain MacDonald.

2. Favourite tune(s) that the band plays?
My favourite tune that the band plays would be the hornpipe Sandy’s New Chanter.

3. Favourite tune(s) that the band does not play?
There are far too many amazing tunes out there to have a favourite tune that the band doesn’t play.

4. Favourite trip or gig you’ve played with the band?
My favourite trip that I’ve been on was probably to Japan in 1993. This was just before I had to sit my highers in school and I had the bright idea of taking books with me so that I could study while I was away. Safe to say the books didn’t make it out my bag the entire trip!

5. Most memorable pipe band moment?
My most memorable moment in the band doubles up as the funniest moment (and most embarrassing) as well. During a good old Gay Gordons ceilidh dance at a St Andrews night I had clearly not tightened my kilt enough and it managed to wriggle it’s way off during the dance! I swiftly had to make a beeline to the toilet to make myself presentable again.

6. What is your favourite thing about being in the band? My favourite thing about being in the band is getting the chance to travel to places that you wouldn’t normally get the chance of visiting. Places that are off the beaten track and not busy with tourists.

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