Daniel Connell

1. How long have you been playing pipes and who taught you?
I have been learning since 2018 and I am being taught by most of the senior members of the band, just whoever is available.

2. Favourite tune(s) that the band plays?
My favourite tunes that the band played would be the hornpipes Oviedo and Moonshine.

3. Favourite trip or gig you’ve played with the band? Favourite trip that I’ve been on would be my very first trip. It was down to Rothbury for the Traditional Music Festival and it was brilliant to see so many locals out for the parade. I also really enjoyed the playing in the street on the Sunday which is always just before we head home.

5. Most memorable pipe band moment?
My most memorable moment would have to be playing for the #PipeUpForKeyWorkers initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to a lot of people not being able to leave their houses, the band went round to various streets in Neilston and Barrhead to play for the residents of the streets to keep their spirits up.

6. What is your favourite thing about being in the band? My favourite thing about being in the band is how much I have been integrated into the band so early on. They make me feel relaxed when playing tunes on pipes when I am still learning. Everyone always has a great laugh too.

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