Laura Mechan

1. How long have you been playing pipes and who taught you?
I started playing when I was 9 years old and the first person to teach me was Graham Walker. Once I started playing more with the band I was then taught by Pipe Major Iain MacDonald.

2. Favourite tune(s) that the band plays?
My favourite tunes that the band plays is the set we have with the slow air Farewell to Govan (although we call it The Big Picnic as it was written for the play of the same name) and the jigs The Hammerman and The Timepiece.

3. Favourite tune(s) that the band does not play?
My favourite tune that the band does not play is the jig The Last Tango in Harris written by RS MacDonald.

4. Favourite trip or gig you’ve played with the band?
My favourite trip with the band would be the band’s 40th anniversary trip to Strakonice, Czech Republic. Even though I have been to Strakonice several times, that trip had to be the best.

5. Most memorable pipe band moment?
The most memorable moment I’ve had in the band would have been the trip I went on to Japan. What stood out most would be how much the Japanese people love the Scottish culture. From a huge group of people country dancing, to seeing so many Japanese people in kilts. The highlight of the entire trip was to play alongside the Tokyo Pipe Band.

6. What is the funniest moment while being in the band? The funniest thing that has happened when I’ve been in the pipe band was when we were in La Trimouille in France. The band had a few refreshments during the day and they Young Team decided to have a go on the merry-go-round. Drew (who liked to call himself a bull due to him being a farmer) was riding on a cow and I was riding a bike, which I consequently broke due to laughing so much.

7. What is your favourite thing about being in the band? My favourite part of being in the band is making lifelong friends and making the most amazing memories with them.

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