Paul Fox

1. How long have you been playing pipes and who taught you?
I have been playing pipes since 1980.

2. Favourite tune(s) that the band plays?
My favourite tunes that the band plays would be the 6/8 march Mrs Lily Christie.

3. Favourite tune(s) that the band does not play?
My favourite tune that the band does not play would be the hornpipe Calum Beag.

4. Favourite trip or gig you’ve played with the band?
My favourite trip would be one of the trips I was on to Strakonice. We played a concert at night after we had a day trip to play at a Country and Western festival.

5. Most memorable pipe band moment?
There has been many a memorable moment in the band, especially any of the trips abroad but probably the most memorable has to be when the band went to Bergen, Norway in 2005. Overall it was an incredible trip but it was memorable in many ways…unfortunately I can’t go into too many details about it!

6. What is the funniest moment while being in the band?
The funniest moment I’ve had in the band was once again in Strakonice. I was roped into doing a radio interview the morning after a few too many refreshments the night before. I didn’t have a clue what I was saying as I just wanted the interview over and done with!

7. What is your favourite thing about being in the band? My favourite thing about being in the band has to be the camaraderie between all the members. Everyone is reasonably close and it feels like one big family.

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